Fun Fishing in New Smyrna

The Fishing has been all good here in New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach area. The Shrimp Boats just left us, which gave us a lot of action with Sharks, Tarpon, Bonita’s, Kingfish and Barracuda’s. All of decent sizes too. For days when there were a few boats around, we made the trips to the close and near shore reefs. There we tangled into big AJ’s. We had to work our way through the “endangered species” aka Red Snapper in order to get to the other fish. We are also finding the breeding Flounder off the reefs allowing for some great table fare! These are ranging from the 5 pound and on up to over 10 pounders. It’s more of a subtle bite, but once they are moved off the bottom, the fight is on. Sorry- not giving secret to bait choice on this. But I will say that for the most part, I’ve had to move off of the live bait and on to cut bait for a more consistent bite.